100 New Testers Announced!

We just emailed 100 new testers to receive free samples of our baits this month. Here are the names we picked this month to get some of our new colors. Congrats to all the winners and we’ll pick more next month!

Joey Abbott (jo*y***o**21@*o*m*il.com)
Rob Basham (*onl*w41@y**oo.com)
Richard Becker (***ck**@cc***l**n*.com)
Johnathan Berger (c********g**892@y**oo.com)
Edward brown (*z**dn*ck37@gm*il.com)
Trent Carswell (*lc***w*ll202@y**oo.com)
Joe Causer (jmc50487@gm*il.com)
Josh Clark (jo**cl**k4221@gmil.com)
David Clay (***955im*n@gm*il.com)
Michael Cockerill (cock**illmic***l@gm*il.com)
Scott Condo (*co**condo0623@gm*il.com)
Daniel Contreras (D*own2v@gm*il.com)
Doug craker (dcc**k**@*d*.n**)
Chris Crummie (cc**mmi*@gm*il.com)
Steve Davenpo (on***g*o*nd71@y**oo.com)
Tristan Dunham (*dd*n**m@*o*m*il.com)
William Estridge (p*******idg*@gm*il.com)
Randy fannin (*lf*nnin6@*o*m*il.com)
Skyler Fargon (f**gon1320@gm*il.com)
Cody Frank (codyf**nk100@gm*il.com)
Jim Frazier (jf**zi*12@gm*il.com)
Charles Gorham (c***l**go***m@n**z**o.n**)
Elijah Gorton (*li2**gm*n@*ol.com)
Brian Grandchamp (*g**nd281@y**oo.com)
Kevin Green (k*ving***npgm@gm*il.com)
Cody Grenville (g**NVILL*6@GM*IL.COM)
Chad Guest (c**dg****18@gm*il.com)
Derrick Haines (**in**d***ick@*ol.com)
Samuel headrick (**m**l****d*ick@gm*il.com)
Russ Henderson (******nd@co**.com)
Sam Hennies (*od*k**m@gm*il.com)
John Horne (*x***m****ic86@gm*il.com)
Michael Hughes (m***g***420@gm*il.com)
Blake Hymel (*l*k*_*_*ym*l@my**cc.*d*)
John Jarrell (jo*n.j****ll1@gm*il.com)
Dale Johnson (dkjo*n*on66@Gm*il.com)
Bryce Jones (*jon**@*p***co*p.com)
James Kieso (ki**oj@gm*il.com)
Michael King (*g*kingmic***l25@gm*il.com)
Jason Knapik (j**on_kn*pik@y**oo.com)
Vaughn Land (v**g*nl9360@gm*il.com)
Jeffrey Larsen (inkj*nki*88@*o*m*il.com)
Steven Laursen (***v**mx250@y**oo.com)
Anthony linarez (lin***z*n**ony@y**oo.com)
Matt Livingston (living**onm*5@gm*il.com)
Brian Lovins (*lovin*@cl**kco****iff.com)
Greg Lynch (***lync*@gm*il.com)
Dan M (mic_d**on**o*@y**oo.com)
Brian Marcinkiewicz (*m**cink11@y**oo.com)
Chris Markee (c4m**k**@gm*il.com)
Ralph Martin (m***in**lp*66@y**oo.com)
Avery Martin (*v*ym**@gm*il.com)
Jeff Mcfadden (j*ff**y_mcf*dd*n@y**oo.com)
Stacy Mcgee (*OWM****150@Y**OO.COM)
Matthew Mchugh (mmc**g*629@gm*il.com)
Bill Mckeown (wmck*own20@y**oo.com)
Travis Metz (***vi*m**z56@gm*il.com)
Jeffrey meyer (m*y*******l***1975@gm*il.com)
Patrick Mickler (pmickl**09@gm*il.com)
William Miller (pfcmill**_1986@*o*m*il.com)
Jason Moore (g*nm*nmoo**@gm*il.com)
Carlos Morales (cm203986@gm*il.com)
Richard Munoz (m*noz*i0127@gm*il.com)
Dominik Murga (dM**G*17@*O*M*IL.COM)
Austin Murray (****inm*88@gm*il.com)
Robert Nixon (*jnix57@gm*il.com)
Jeff Peterson (p*****on*05@comc***.n**)
Anthony Philyaw (p*ily*w61@gm*il.com)
Timothy Quinn (d**mm**019@gm*il.com)
Greg Ramies (g**g.**mi**17@gm*il.com)
Austin Rowe (***c*l12031@y**oo.com)
Sam Salem (******l*m@*ol.com)
Jamie Sandau (j**nd**03@gm*il.com)
Steven Saylor (**ylo**610@gm*il.com)
Royce Schaekel (***c***k*l@gm*il.com)
Liam Shay (li*m***y7@gm*il.com)
Mike Sheffer (***ff**_m@y**oo.com)
Eric Sherwood (*****wood1@y**oo.com)
Liam Simmons (li*m*immon*98@y**oo.com)
Joshua Smith (m*.*wi*c*@***.n**)
Phillip Smith (*mi**198376@y**oo.com)
Torry Smith (**n***4lif*59@*ol.com)
Jeremy Snyder (j***my950422@y**oo.com)
Jim Sobecki (k***k*4*@y**oo.com)
Ramon Solorio (*olo1***on*@gm*il.com)
Mike Solt (**nkm*n*g**mik*@y**oo.com)
James Starks (****k*j45@y**oo.com)
Jay Stroud (j*yj*****d115@gm*il.com)
Joey summitt (jo*y**mmi**@y**oo.com)
John Titchenell (jo*n*i*c**n*ll@y**oo.com)
Keith Truett (k******86@gm*il.com)
Robert Vavrick (**n*l*y11@fvi.n**)
Cody West (cody.w***2012zz@gm*il.com)
Aaron Wetmore (pcn**d0533@*o*m*il.com)
Ryan Whiteside (w*i***id*514@*o*m*il.com)
Mel Williams (****m*n573@*o*m*il.com)
Ray Woods (*illy*wii@gm*il.com)
Dj Yates (do*gl**_y****81@y**oo.com)
Jason yorek (w*i***oxf*n1982@gm*il.com)
Eric Zrust (*z****@y**oo.com)


  1. Joseph perry

    Two p’s dang at that rate I might be a tester before I die

  2. andrew bombard

    i hunt n peck computer illiterate and im the best salesman and communicater in every other sense. really would like to be considered for a tester spokesperson for biospawn. tried plenty to register but before my computer quits on me like many times in the past i am submiting my requestgrammer. sorry for poor grammer

  3. Robert Ellis

    How does a person get their name in to be a tester? Please put my name in the hat to be a tester.

    Thank you

  4. Dillon Grant

    Tried the shaky head on your Vile Craw and have been smokin’ the bass.

  5. Aaron Fowler

    Love your site and hope to tie on some of your plastics in the near future..have a great day and hook’em hard!..

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