7 Tips To Getting A Pro-Staff Sponsorship

We get a lot (A LOT) of anglers asking to be on our pro-staff/field-staff team. And if you are an up-and coming angler reaching out to a fishing company to get on their pro-staff, you’ll be facing a lot of competition. It can be tough going for some anglers, but here are some tips to help you stand out in the crowd:

#1. Check your spelling and grammar.

This may seem obvious, but we get a lot of emails with poor grammar and bad spelling from anglers applying to our pro-staff. Sure, grammar doesn’t catch fish. But if you want to represent our company, we want to make sure you are doing so in a professional manner. Always proof-read your emails. If spelling and grammar were never your forte, ask someone else to proof read for you.

#2 Purchase the product first.

One of the questions we ask on our application form is “which of our baits have you fished before?” Don’t approach a company asking for free product if you have never actually used it. You need to be sure that you actually believe in that company’s product before you make a commitment to represent them.

#3 Have a good pitch

Most lure companies have people emailing them daily about how they can help promote their products in one way or another. After a while, most of the emails look the same. Have a short pitch that quickly explains why you are different. What makes you special as an angler? Think hard about it and make sure you can communicate it effectively. And remember, you only have a few seconds to capture our attention.

#4 Be specific about how you can help us

Most applications have very general language about how the angler can help the tackle manufacturer, but few are very specific on what they can do. Don’t just say you fish a lot of tournaments or know a lot of people in bait shops. Be specific. How many tournaments, how many people? How specifically can you help promote our company? The more specific you are, the more attention you will get.

#5 What have you done for other companies?

If you already have sponsors, telling us what you have done for them will make a huge impact. Did you win a tournament on another product that resulted in a lot of press? Did you introduce a company to a large local bait shop? What success have you had in the past as a pro-staffer? Be specific.

#6 Have a fishing resume ready

Many fishing manufacturers will ask you for a pro-staff resume that highlights some of your accomplishments. Be sure to have one ready. Treat it like a job resume and make sure it focuses on some of the success you have had in fishing as well as promoting other companies. For example, you can say “Placed top 3 in X tournaments in the past 6 months.” or “Introduced key sponsors to 4 local bait shops.” Keep it all about your key accomplishments

#7 Don’t approach a competitor of an existing sponsor

We often get sponsorship applicants who list out their sponsors and they are sponsored by competitors. When we do, we pretty much ignore them. In general you should only have one sponsors per category (line, reels, rods, terminal, hard baits, soft plastics, etc).


So if you are looking for a sponsorship from a fishing tackle manufacturer be sure to follow these steps to increase your chances of being accepted.


  1. Karl

    I would love to be sponsored by you guy’s. The only place I can buy your baits is like 3 hrs away,wich sucks!! All I’m asking for is some free baits and fishing shirts.and in return I’ll go to all the local bait shops and advertise your products to them and try to get your name out there even more.


  2. Joshua murphree

    Iv fished my whole life but just now getting in the turniment fishing and I am having a blast.I know Being new at the turniment fishing I do not have enough backing accomplishments to be pro staff material but hopefully some day. I can tell you that since I have started using the biospawn products they will be the only thing in my tackle because they work!

  3. Anthony Clark

    I enjoy the bait that you sent in my mystery tackle box. I have good luck using your products and would like to be part of the pro staff . And I also know that your company has a lot of applicants for the spot. I’m not wanting any free baits just a few decals to put on my boat. And if you would like for me to test any of your products I can do that too. Thank you

  4. David Stevens

    Most people do not realize that Pro staff means Promotional Staff not Professional Staff. It isn’t what the company can do for you, the company owes you nothing. It is about how you can promote the companies product on social media, out on the water and in the public eye. It’s not always about how many fish you can catch if you can’t present the product to possible vendors that may carry the products in their store. Do the work and good things will come.

  5. J.E. VanNatta

    Great examples above. Professionals who are confident in our products with the ability to sell our products are what we look for not someone who lives too far away to buy product or someone wanting to “field test” products. A fishing resume is the last item on the list we consider. It does not depend on what you fish or what you win but how you can support and sell the product. If you are standing on the bow of your boat or the back deck of another during a tournament, you are fishing not selling. Develop a marketing package on your marketing and selling skills including results and references. Understand you will have to “earn” the confidence of your sponsors.

  6. Troy Todd

    Pro staff or not I use BioSpawn baits. I have been using them almost from the time they poured that first batch and I just happened to read the post and ordered some because I am a fishing freak and order many baits of all types. I keep using them because they work and I have built up confidence in them. I have caught fish on them from upstate NY down to Texas. Keep up the good work BioSpawn and keep those products coming. Someday when I move to the front end of the boat, I will be one of the first ones standing in line trying to grab one of those sponsorships. For now I just keep on using them because they do what they are supposed to do, and that is catch fish under a wide variety of condition and situations where other baits come up short.

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