7 Ways To Rig A Finesse Worm [VIDEO]

In this video, Jim LoDuca (AKA TackleJunky81) shows you 7 ways to rig a finesse worm like the 6.5″ PlasmaTail. This video is a great overview for anyone looking to learn a new rig or refresh on one they already know.

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In this video Jim covers the following rigs:

Shaky head, Texas rig, Carolina rig/split shot, drop shot/power shot, Neko rig, jig head,


  1. Keith Stanford

    I have been fishing for years…. but last year started really fishing. The video’s I found here are so informative, to get the insight of pro bass fishermen is truly awesome. Thank you so much

  2. Bob

    Please adjust the camera so that it shows what you are doing rather than what you have done.

  3. Rick Mitchell

    great video! I am going to go to your channel now to subscribe because of this video. ┬ęgood job

  4. Shane "Squirrel" Joyner

    I got a bag of Vilecraw soft plastics in a Mystery Tackle Box some time ago. I was a little hesitant to use them due to the “not so modern design”. They looked really alien to me. I decided to live on the edge one day and go outside of my comfort zone and try one. Because nothing else was working this day, I rigged a green pumpkin Vilecraw on a weightless Texas rig and threw it out . BAM!!! No lie, on the first cast, a 3 pound bass nailed it. Was is sold yet?!? Negative. I told myself,”There’s no was an alien looking bait would catch an Earth bound large mouth!” I put the same color as a trailer on a jig… Second cast into cover, BAM!!! A 2 and 1/2 pound Bass nailed it. I Reeled him in and put him on the stringer too. Needless to say, I used the whole bag in just a short time that afternoon. I ate well at my fish fry thanks to BioSpawn. I am sold on these baits. Now I just have to try the Plasma Tail worms. I am looking forward to getting some of those as well and moving away from my flukes and Senko’s as much. So have no doubt my fellow fishermen and fishing women… These baits are likely from Area 51. These are alien technology for all walks of like to catch Bass. Believe me, if Agents Moulder and Skully from the X-Files would quit chasing aliens and start fishing, they would use BioSpawn soft plastics because that’s what area 51 actually creates… fishing lures for BioSpawn… Well I gotta run and find a body of water to hide on… The men in black are back at my front door. In the mean time, have fun bass fishing!!!

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