Drop Shot Vs. Shaky Head? When To Use Each…

Finesse tactics have revolutionized bass fishing. In the past, if you weren’t getting bit throwing traditional presentations like spinnerbaits, cranks, or flipping – “they just weren’t biting.”

That’s no longer the case. More and more anglers are finding that switching to finesse tactics can generate strikes when everything else fails, making “they’re just not biting” a phrase seldom uttered by serious anglers.

The drop shot and the shaky head are two of the most popular finesse presentations for a reason. They get bit. Here’s a little more on when and where each shines best.

Drop Shot

By moving the weight to the end of the line, the drop shot provides finesse baits like the 4.5″ PlasmaTail maximum wiggle and maximum angler control. For that reason, the drop shot excels in deep clear water, around docks, rocks, and other hard cover. In clear water, the subtle wiggle and up-off-the-bottom posture of the drop shot makes it the ultimate clear water finesse presentation.

Shaky Head

still called the “jig worm” by old school anglers, the shakey head can be used to success around any type of cover. Because it’s weedless, the shakey head dominates on weed lines, around brush, laydowns, and other snaggy cover. It’s also great along rip rap, docks, and other manmade structure like bridge pilings and seawalls.
The best thing about the shakey head is that it presents baits like the 6.5″ PlasmaTail, ExoStick or VileCraw up off the bottom in a “defensive” posture – which really gets the bass fired up.


  1. Bryan Skogheim

    6.5″ Plasma Tail… COMING SOON… I can’t wait for this bait to come out! Biospawn baits are in the top 3 for my go to tournament baits.

  2. david carlisle

    fishing from the bank alot, trying the shaky head on the smaller plasma tail, getting bit alot, just no hookups. comments plz?? can I get some comments on using drop shotting from the bank. muddy water, 7-8 ft water around docks, milky water? thank you.

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