February Testers Announced

We are excited to announce the 75 tester we picked for February. The winning testers this month will be getting some samples of the new colors we will be adding this springIf you did not get picked, we will continue to pick more testers every month and we have a lot of baits to give away!

Here are the winners. If your name and email are on this list, please check your email for instructions on getting your baits.

Eric Borders (**c*m*n2@y*hoo.com)
will briggs (w**iggs1185@gm*il.com)
andrew BroYles (*Nd**w72@gmx.com)
don carmack (donc**m*c*72@gm*il.com)
Jonathan Carter (*onnyc*****1990@gm*il.com)
Aaron caviness (Duc**oy16@icloud.com)
Ryan cicchinelli (*Y*NCICCHIN*LLI@GM*IL.com)
Adam Corn (*d*mco*n32@gm*il.com)
Jd Crow (guns*d@y*hoo.com)
Cristy Dolzer (***ygi*l*sh@gm*il.com)
Robert Doyle (*z*uzzi*@y*hoo.com)
Francis A draper (d**p**f1@gm*il.com)
John Dursee (*du*s**@v**izon.n**)
Kevin Elliott (**llio**6429@y*hoo.com)
Clint Ellis (**m*llis65@gm*il.com)
Jack Galloway (p*n*m***c*69@*ol.com)
Oscar Garcia (osc**g**ci*036@gm*il.com)
Drew Garvin (D**WG**VIN@MCSD.US)
Melissa Gossett (gossm*lis626@gm*il.com)
Douglas Goulding (dougl*sgoulding@gm*il.com)
michael greene jr (mi**yoc*1984@GM*IL.COM)
Cole Gregory (col*g**go*y0322@gm*il.com)
Henry Hall (lilh*n*yh*ll.hh@gm*il.com)
Nathan Hatch (dudl*ydo*igh*ndh@y*hoo.com)
Nolan HawThOrne (nol*nh*w*ho*n*99@liv*.com)
MArk Haynes (m***.h*yn*s18@gm*il.com)
DAn Helmick (HUN*2***@Y*HOO.COM)
Joseph Hernandez (*om1c@y*hoo.com)
thomas howland (*howl*nd@*id*w****.n**)
Mike Ingram (*mfing@gm*il.com)
Blake Jackiewicz (*l*****c*i*wicz@Gm*il.com)
ADAM Jackson (*d*m.**c*son@usl*wns.n**)
Terry Karsten (*l*789@y*hoo.com)
Joshua King (hon*y2510810@gm*il.com)
Tanner Landry (**nn**4169@gm*il.com)
Lee LivelY (l**@pip**hos*ing.n**)
Daniel Logue (d*ni*l.logu*27@gm*il.com)
david machado (gunsmI*hd*v*@silv**ci*yfi****ms.com)
PEDRO MARTÍNEZ (P*D*O427CO***@*ol.com)
Jerred Mckinnon (*yd*n**cc*c**s*on3@gmIl.com)
Holden McLeod (hold*nmcl*od1@gm*il.com)
mickey miller (mfiv*sp**d1990@ho*m*il.com)
Eric moen (mos*ph78@y*hoo.com)
Jose MoreNo (*os*4499@y*hoo.com)
Randy Murray (**ndymu***y1@y*hoo.com)
Mike Myers (mmy**s@n*cc.com)
brad navero (***dn*v**o@Gm*il.com)
Tuan Nguyen (d*hounds***12@gm*il.com)
Dillon Norris (dillon*no**is@y*hoo.com)
Nicholas Pletcher (snic*419@gm*il.com)
Stephen Plummer (plums*yln@y*hoo.com)
Michael Pogue (*ufus*n*w@ho*m*il.com)
james purintun (**m*spu*in*un@mos*icmo*il*.n**)
Stephen Rice (g*g*_*ic*_11@y*hoo.com)
Michael Riedl (ml*i*dl89@gm*il.com)
Jon Romsdahl (*on.*omsd*hl@gm*il.com)
David Rose (*igd.d*ddyd*v*@gm*il.com)
Lane Shelton (s**vp*o8741h*@s*cglo**l.n**)
Kenny Slater (**nnys165@gm*il.com)
timothy smith (c*s.**s@gm*il.com)
JareD Smith (****dsmi*h82@gm*il.com)
Joshua Sunderland (*sundy.g**ply*@gm*il.com)
Troy Taylor (**oy_*z@y*hoo.com)
Ian thrumble (i*n.*h*um*l*@y*hoo.com)
Al Tremblay (*l***m*l*y@gm*il.com)
Robert Tyrone (**y*on*10@y*hoo.com)
Timothy VanDorn (*igd*n_1965@y*hoo.com)
Robbie Walker (**wnphs**s***ll@y*hoo.com)
Jim Watson (*imw**sonv**c@y*hoo.com)
Philip webb (pfw***64@gm*il.com)
Larry Wells (*h*l*w1954@y*hoo.com)
Brandon Winters (Qui*su*f**@***.n**)
Evan Zimmer (*v*nzimm**@comc*s*.n**)


  1. Mario Cervantes

    Please select me for the next round of testers! I fish about five times a week!

  2. Marc kiewert

    Hope I get picked next month,really like your lures & love to fish.
    Thanks Marc

  3. Michael

    Congrats to all of you! Can’t wait for my turn. One of these days, right bio spawn???

  4. Robert reeder

    If you do not wish to have your products tested and promoted by a tournament fisherman please remove me from email list

  5. Gary Engle

    I would have liked my name to have been on that list as well. How can I get into the running? Sine I retired I fish a lot.

  6. Bobby Reardanz

    Just making sure I was on you testers list. I’ve not been picked yet and just wanted to verify! Thank you

  7. david carlisle

    congrats to all the winners! I absolutely LOVE Biospawn, especially the exosticks! I bought several different colors of the exosticks, I used all the packs I had bought from tacklewarehouse, going to have to order more.Thank You Biospawn! I rigged my exosticks wacky rigged, no weight, water temp was 66* muddy to stained water, we caught several Largemouth, however, they were shorter fish, however, they hit the wacky exo’s like a train! I am a BELIEVER!

  8. Zane

    Never get picked just have to keep fishing the old power baits until someone changes my mind.

  9. Paul Mason

    One day my name will be on that list. I will be excited! Congrats to the winners this month!

  10. Drewwhitner

    It would be nice to test this product without wasting money I’ve been on the mail list for over a year and nothing

  11. Chad ryan

    Wish after years of being signed up I could get on the list at least once

  12. Bill Laughlin

    How long does it actually take to win free lures? Been a member 4 months now.

    1. Author

      Bill, thank you for signing up! Since it is a random drawing and we only pick 50-100 people a month there is no way for us to say when a certain person will get picked or if they will get picked at all. We have had a lot of people sign up to the list and so not everyone will win. We are, however, the only company offering this opportunity at all.

  13. Ricky Boehm

    Sure would like to try some product,so I can let my patrons know it works. I work for Sportsmans in the fishing dept. Keep up the good work.

  14. david carlisle

    I have been waiting 6 months for our local cabelas,(Waco,Tx) to get the exosticks in, however cabelas says their warehouse is even out of baits. Whats up with that? If they cant get them, how about offering Acadamy to stock them. was just trying to save shipping costs. I do realize that tacklewarehouse has your baits, but, then again, shipping? thank you. Wife and I went to our local lake, I rigged my Exostick(black/blue) wacky rigged, anyway, on the 8 baits I had in package, I caught and released over 100 short largemouth, what a blast!

  15. Dustin Mattox

    Hooked the biggest fish of my life on a 6.5 green pumpkin chartruce plasma tail and she spit it by of a faulty hook set. But love the bait will be ordering more

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