Great Lakes Smallies Straight Up EAT the PlasmaTail

In the early part of the year, say January through March, northern anglers spend their idle time jealously looking at pictures of southern anglers hoisting big bass after big bass – while their local fishing holes are best suited for skating.

It’s about this time each year that the script is flipped… While the southern boys are sweating out 100 degree heat and scratching out limits on their lakes, the smallmouth fishing up north is on fire, and one of the best ways to catch them is with a 4.5 inch PlasmaTail on a drop shot.

The Setup

7 to 7 ½ foot medium light power drop shot rod, high speed 30 size spinning reel spooled with 10-15 pound braid with a 6 foot leader of 8lb fluorocarbon. A size 1 Gamakatsu TGW Drop Shot hook with a 2 foot leader to ¼ or 3/8 ounce drop shot sinker.

Nose hook a 4.5 inch PlasmaTail in Fluorescent Shad/Green Soda or Green Pumpkin – and hold on.

The Payoff: Big bass galore…





  1. Jeff

    Yep you right, us southern boys are jealous of that kind of catch. Good looking fish!!!! Love the plasma tail. The junebug works great on local lake on drop shot. After this rain and flooding get out of here (SC)hitting the water to find me some big boys like that!!!!

  2. don53

    shenandoah river smallies love em too,dead stick trig or an a1/16 jighead dragged across the riffles, pumpkin has been the go to color.great bait

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