How To Catch Big Bass In Thick Vegetation

It’s common knowledge that big bass love to hang out in the thickest vegetation available. Heavy grass contains abundant forage, overhead cover, and respite from the summer heat.

As enticing as heavy grass is for bass, it’s very frustrating to fish. Between snags, difficulty moving a boat, and lost fish – probing heavy vegetation can be an exercise in frustration. Unless you’re prepared properly.

Here are 3 tips to have you spending more time setting the hook and less time cursing the weeds.

Peg your sinker

In heavy vegetation, it’s hugely important to make sure your bait and sinker stay together. With an unpegged sinker, the weight will penetrate the mat but the bait will stay on top or lodged in the grass. To maximize efficiency, use enough weight to get through and peg it to the hook – Less fussing with rigging means more effective flips and more bites through the course of a day.

Keep it compact

Along with pegging the sinker, it’s also important to choose your plastic baits to maximize their penetration ability. When flipping, choose compact baits with a narrow profile to minimize the bait grabbing on the grass and maximize penetration. The VileCraw is an excellent punching bait because it offers the attraction of the flapping arms while maintaining a slender profile that easily slips into holes in the vegetation.

Look for transitions

As with other techniques, it’s important to look for transitions while fishing vegetation. Although a 100 acre grass flat may look homogenous, there are likely sweet spots that contain the majority of the bass. Depth transitions, transitions in bottom composition, and even transitions in vegetation type like where it goes from grass to pads can all be keys. Look for any differences you find and focus in those areas.


  1. Chad

    My frustration is trying to work it through once under the mat. The first hop and I’ve got two pounds of weeds on. How do I minimize this?

    1. Ash

      If it’s that thick then just drop it and shake it. 80% of your hits come on the drop. So just focus on that let it fall lift alil then back out. If it still gets weeds then you just gotta pick it off.

  2. Ken Buvala

    I just got two packs of plasma tails and 1 pack of exostick pro and I hope they hold up, especially on the drop shot. I have been using robo worms the morning dawn with chartreuse tail, but I go through a lot of them with either them ripping or getting flipped off the hook with the bass fighting. I was hoping to get chosen to test your worms, but no such luck. I fish a lot and average over a 1000 bass a year for the past 7 years when I started to keep track. Caught 1449 last year. So tomorrow I will find out just how good your worms are and will be certain to let you know.

    1. Robin Nestler

      I ordered 5 packs of Plasma Tails just for drop shoting and they have been working great so and they do seem to hold up well. I fish a shallow grassy lake in Pa and I found if you rig them on a 1/0 Gamagusu extra wide gap thin wire hook you will do just fine.

  3. Lucas Bolles

    Great article. Enjoyed reading it! You guys are my favorited imaging lure brand and I continue buying. You guys should consider making other terminal tackle and such!

  4. Philip Ferrell

    Just got recommended to try your baits. I’m a fish bass every week guy from the Midwest and $4-$6 bucks a bag might be to pricy for me. I fish hard and go thru a ton of plastics. These Midwest bass hit hard and fight long and they throw and tear a lot worms. So I hope I don’t regret getting these expensive worms. They look great and lots of testimonials say they are.

  5. Ken Buvala

    Ok, today I fished the 4.5 inch plasma tail in Green Purple Gold Flk and I caught a 2 pounder on my 2nd cast and ended up catching 11 bass on one worm using a Gamakatsu light wire re barb hook, size 1. I am quit pleased with the results and durability of these worms. The bass hit it hard each time. The action is just like you say it is and the tip shimmies really good. I will be using more of them in the future, especially on a lake that is tougher than the one I fished today. I would send you pictures, but I can’t get your e-mail address (support@biospawn) to work.
    Now can I be a tester on some of your other baits!(lol)

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