How To Rig A “Punch Rig” In 6 Easy Steps

Fishing heavy vegetation is one of the best ways to target summertime bass. Matted vegetation provides cover, shade, and an abundance of baitfish, crawfish, and insects to feed on.

The hottest tactic for catching bass in matted vegetation is a punch rig. A punch rig is no more than a heavy Texas rig with the addition of a punch skirt – a package that has the appeal and profile of a skirted jig with the weedlessness of a plastic.

Here’s how you rig it:


  1. Phil Kamieniecki

    I am relatively new at fishing for bass from a small boat with a 45 lb thrust trolling motor and a 15 horse motor on a 14 ft Grummond boat. I see many opportunities for punch type tactics. What type of rod reel line should I use to achieve success? It is mainly river fishing with stream and creek tributaries fishing in heavy cover.

  2. Jacob Clayton

    Hey Phil, I’d recommend 65 lb braid on a reel that has a High gear ratio (7.1:1 and up) so that if a fish decides to swim towards the boat you can pick up slack quickly. The rod you want is anything with a sensible and strong tip and a strong but flexible backbone. Good luck, punching

  3. Stephen

    This is the best explanation I have seen. Excellent to the point and clearly shown how and what to do.


  4. Fred Wantland

    Just to add my two cents – You might try a straight shank hook with a bait keeper and try using a snell knot. Using the straight shank and the snell know will normally get a better hookup ratio.
    What happens is when you set the hook the sinker presses on the eye of the hook and then points the hook into an upward motion.
    Just something to tinker with..
    My setup is a 7’6″ extra heavy with at least 65lb braid on a 7.1:1 ration reel
    I will use a pinch skirt sometimes, but not always
    My fave Vile Craws are – Okeechobee, Falcon Red and Black Blue

  5. Troy Todd

    Both of the above posts are excellent and informative. All I can add is rods now days generally have two ratings clearly marked on them. Look for MF or HF if you go with medium action fast tip, or heave action fast tip. this will give you the tip speed to set the hook, and the rod strength to pull them out of the cabbage.

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