October/November 2015 BioSpawn Testers

We have picked the latest list of tester to get free samples of our products. The October & November winners are below! If you want to be on the list for a chance to get picked, click here.

Rich Aiken (**dnck1@*ol.co*)
Willard Allen J.r. (will**d.*ll*n@*l*ck*o**dss.co*)
Kendall Anderson (k*nd*ll*nd**son41@g**il.co*)
Chris Armstrong (**ng****ss14.c*@g**il.co*)
Dail Baldwin (d**2012@*ot**il.co*)
Scott Bankert (scott.**nk**t@g**il.co*)
Jaime Banks (utu**.j*i***stin@outlook.co*)
Keegan Beaty (***tydown*ill@g**il.co*)
William Bebout (***outwilli**t@y**oo.co*)
Jon Bender (js**nd**1986@y**oo.co*)
Matthew Bennett (**tt**w.**nn*tt44@g**il.co*)
Carl Bennett (c**l.**nn*tt@do*n*.*du)
Dj Benton (d*vid**nton633@g**il.co*)
Chad Berger (c**d.*.***g**@g**il.co*)
Francis Blakely (lu**sfis*on@g**il.co*)
Terry Boyd (t*oyd43@s*cglo**l.n*t)
Dewayne Boyett (dc*oy*tt@y**oo.co*)
Brian Burke (**i*np*u*k*s*@g**il.co*)
Robert Campbell (c**is.3473@*ot**il.co*)
Mike Celeste (*c**cint**io*s@g**il.co*)
Darren Chaffin (*****s*oyxiii@g**il.co*)
Ryan Cicero (cic**o760@y**oo.co*)
Trevor Cloutier (t**vo*t**vo*271@y**oo.co*)
Rick Cole (*col*insp*ctions@y**oo.co*)
Gregory cook (g**ggycc2@y**oo.co*)
Zach Coston (z*c*sf*og@co*c*st.n*t)
Saul Cuellar (cu*ll**196700@g**il.co*)
Zackary Cummings (zcu**ings@y**il.co*)
Joshua Dabbs (jos*u*d***s2@g**il.co*)
Matthew Davis (**st*0@y**oo.co*)
Noah Deitelhoff (ndfi**77@g**il.co*)
Richard Dell (*ic***d.d*ll79@y**oo.co*)
Alex Desalvo (*l*xp*t***uilt@y**oo.co*)
Billy Douglas (tdougl*s@sp**t*ns*n**gy.co*)
Trevor Duty (t**vo*041995@g**il.co*)
Ian Eske (i*n.*sk*@y**oo.co*)
Gabriel Farias (f**i*sg***i*l11@y**oo.co*)
Jerry Fischer (tofis*247@y**oo.co*)
Ed Fisher (*fis***916@*tl*ntic**.n*t)
Chad Fox (c**d_fox71@*ot**il.co*)
Derek Freitag-mee (df**it*g19@y**oo.co*)
Shannon Frye (s**nnon*f*y*@outlook.co*)
Kenny Gardner (k*ng420@g**il.co*)
Mark Gilliard (gilli**59@*ot**il.co*)
James Gooch (j***s**tnps@*ot**il.co*)
Joe Hackbarth (j**ck079@y**oo.co*)
Victor Hamilton (t*ck725@*ot**il.co*)
Jerry Hammond (j***y****ond59@c***t**.n*t)
Wallace Harper (**dsoxn*tion143@g**il.co*)
Jerry Harris (j***yw*j***y@*ol.co*)
Mason Hester (**sontn@*ot**il.co*)
Dane Holbron (d*ol**on@g**il.co*)
Jarred Jenkins (jj*nkinsvt@g**il.co*)
Chad Kennedy (c**ds*ction@y**oo.co*)
Nathan King (kingn*t*555@g**il.co*)
Chris King (c**isking853@g**il.co*)
Carl Kohel (c*pon*2275@g**il.co*)
Joe Lamantia (jd*u*z@y**oo.co*)
Josh Leach (suzuki**c**57@g**il.co*)
John Lee (jo*n.l**3480@y**oo.co*)
Jenny Levatino (j*nnyl*v*tino@y**oo.co*)
Dennis Loskot (pi*ps77@y**oo.co*)
Duane Lucky (*o***ous**uto1@Y**oo.co*)
Jason Mango (**dd**ngo81@g**il.co*)
Francisco Mares (f_*_****s@*ot**il.co*)
Jason Mathis (stopitout@y**oo.co*)
Jacob Mckenley (j*co*.*ck*nl*y@y**oo.co*)
Chris Mcvay (C**CV*Y1@G**IL.CO*)
Jeramy Michael (u**t28@y**oo.co*)
Tomiker Millage (*ntonio*ill*g*@g**il.co*)
Joshua More (*o**custo*s@y**oo.co*)
Dallas Moyer (t**spo*tsguyd*@*ol.co*)
Drew Perry (d**wp***y54@g**il.co*)
Samuel Perry (p***ys**@g**il.co*)
Tom Peterman (tp*t****n53@g**il.co*)
Justin Phillips (okl**o**fi**fig*t****f@y**oo.co*)
Stephen Pridgen (*ock*t*oy1980@g**il.co*)
Evan Rascoe (**sco*15@g**il.co*)
Kevin Reeder (k*vinj***d**@g**il.co*)
Eli Resendez (t*i*d**s*nd*z@*ot**il.co*)
Chase Rich (*udtu*tl*28@y**oo.co*)
Justin Ruehl (**p*o**k@g**il.co*)
Rob Schuppenhauer (*sc*upp56@*ot**il.co*)
Ryon Shaw (s**wd*ddy@windst****.n*t)
Keith Shears (K*it*cotyk*l**@n*tz**o.n*t)
Dustin Sherfey (s***f*y24@g**il.co*)
David Sims (d*vidsi*s1369@g**il.co*)
Jeff Sinanian (j*ffsin*ni*n@y**oo.co*)
Andy Snyder (*ndysnyd**74@y**oo.co*)
Tanner Speidel (t*nn**sp*id*l@*ot**il.co*)
Ken Straining (k*s1d*ll*s@g**il.co*)
Chuck Strange (c***l*sst**ng*9728@co*c*st.n*t)
Dakota Swire (d*kot*n*w@liv*.co*)
Josh Tankersley (jt*nk**55@g**il.co*)
Ben Thurman (fis*n**n@*ot**il.co*)
Kevin Wallace (KW9885@*OL.CO*)
Craig warn (cw**n87@g**il.co*)
Kyle Watkins (kw*w9927@g**il.co*)
Blake Wheeler (*l*k*_w***@*ot**il.co*)
Decarlos Williams (d*c**los859@g**il.co*)


  1. wesley middaugh

    don’t never get picked to test anything , but congrat to the one that did

  2. Lee Krigar

    Is it necessary to sign up again each month to be eligible to receive lures for testing?

  3. Bryan Broessel

    Me and my son are both avI’d fisherman and we will be launching a youtube channel in the next 1-2 months we are just making sure we have enough footage. We would love to test your baits on our videos and help get your product and name out to the mainstream fisherman.

  4. Marco santayygo

    Damn one of these days. If I’ve waited for 3yrs what’s 3more years of waiting

  5. Anthony Holmes

    I was wondering how long does it take to become a tester? I’ve been signed up for two years and that’s before I started following Gene Jensen “FlukeMaster”

  6. Lou Buonincontri

    I have signed up to be a tester a while ago and still waiting to be selected. I have used your worms at local lakes and they do hold up and seem to bring on strikes.

  7. Geoffrey

    What happened to testers from December & January. I’ve had the privilege of being able to fish most of Dec Jan and even most of this month.

  8. david carlisle

    I have not gotten picked yet either, however, I have bought several of each products to try out,I am a “Firm” believer in the Biospawn plastics. A friend and I went out this week-end just fishing wacky rigged exosticks and plasmatails, the bass here in Texas, hit the plastics so hard they almost ripped the rods out of our hands. The Texas Bass LOVE the exosticks rigged wacky style. I will NEVER buy any other brand of plastics.

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