Pro Tips To Choosing The Right Size Worm

Watch enough commercials these days and you’ll quickly get the impression that the saying “bigger is better” is back as a major marketing thesis. From cell phones to fast food, companies are upsizing everything to compete for your dollars.

It’s even spilled over into fishing, where new realizations about bass prey size have launched an arsenal of big baits; from mega cranks to super-sized spoons – which are producing big bass for anglers all across the country.

But is bigger always better?

The answer is no, especially when you’re talking about soft plastics. To educate you and introduce our newest product, the 6.5 inch PlasmaTail – here is a breakdown of the best times and places to fish small plastics vs. larger plastics.

When to stay small

  • In super clear water
  • When it’s cold or post-frontal
  • When the bait is small, or post-spawn
  • If you’re just looking to get bit

Small worm of choice: 4.5″ PlasmaTail

When to go big

  • When the water’s warm
  • In murky or stained water
  • When you’re looking for big bites
  • In the fall

Big worm of choice: 6.5″ PlasmaTail


  1. Joshua

    But what if you are fishing super clear water… IN the fall. Still stay small or go big because they’re fattening up for the winter to come

  2. joe

    just purchased three products from bioapawn, fished kensico reservoir n.y. using the 4.5 plasmatail, and hooked on to a 5.8lb largemouth bass. so far i’m a believer. thank you biospawn.

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