September 2015 Testers Announced!

We have picked the latest list of tester to get free samples of our products. The September winners are below! If you want to be on the list for a chance to get picked, click here.

Kristian Adkins (K**DK*N*24@GM**L.COM)
Jordan Allender (mon*********27@gm**
andy bagdasarian (*ndy@po*nd*x***nu*.com)
Eric Bailey (***c.***l*y86@gm**
Lance Baker (l*nc***k**903@y*
Keith Bateman (k***h****m*n0@gm**
Tom Beyer (*cm**w*ngco@ho*m**
seth bigger (***gg**2707@gm**
Jake Boss (j*k**o**594@**
Garrett brown (g**own348@gm**
JOhn Brownlee (jp*c*k@y*
jason burt (j**onl*u**78@y*
Richard Butler (*d*u*l**@okh**
tony Cash (*oj*cc**h@*
Justin Corriss (Y*M**OWW**@GM**L.COM)
scott coshow (co*how*1993@gm**
Nickie Davis (d*v**.n*ck74@gm**
Chris Diehl (ch***_d20676@y*
Adam Dineen (*d*md*n**n17@gm**
Ben Doan (d**o*opd@f*on****.com)
Steve Dunn (oh*h******v*@**
Eddie Enteman (*n**m*n@gm**
John Fain (johnf**n785@y*
josh fallon (**o7588@gm**
Mike Fas (f**o@op*onl*n*.n**)
Brian Foisy (m*dk*w*@ho*m**
RD Fowler (*dfowl**01@gm**
cody fox (*nuffy0112@gm**
dustin goff (du***ngoff571@y*
Jason Graning (lnch*chf31@y*
Ted Gregorek (*g**go**k@gm**
Lance Henagan (l*nc*2404@gm**
Daniel Hinkel (d*n**lh*nk*l@ho*m**
Justin Hodges (jho3358@y*
Keenan Hoffmann (f*o**y***4@gm**
Tommy Holm (**holm770@gm**
shawn Horstman (***pp***h*wn123@gm**
Jeremy hunter (*od*o48011@gm**
josh Ireland (c**zy**c**69@*
adam jackson (*uxf*n4l*f*@gm**
joe jennings (***pp*jo*@gm**
Joshua Kitchens (**gp*pp*72_2007@y*
Barry Kutzler (*ku*zl**j*@gm**
charles long (*owhun***78108cl.@gm**
dustin marino (**kf*ddy659@gm**
Gerardo Marquez (**u*g****n***00@gm**
Aidan Martin (**d*n.m****n@**cglo**l.n**)
charles masek (c*m***k@gm**
COdy massie (CODYM*****11@GM**
Dylan Mcgovern (*****n*dd*c**@gm**
Kevin McKee (kmck**@my***.com)
Matthew Mcmanus (m***h*wmcm*nu*15@gm**
WilliAm McVet (w*ll***oy9191@gm**
Scott meche (*co**ym*ch*@gm**
gilbert mendoza (o****.n***on@gm**
Blake Mitchell (w*ldgoph**96@*
Shawn Moses (*h****222@gm**
brian munoz (munoz_****n@y*
Michael MUther (*up**m*nn23@l*v*.com)
Stephen Natale (hun***9615@gm**
Michael O’Neil (****l****p69@l*v*.com)
Corey oelschlager (co*nf*dd31@ho*m**
Jordan Ogle (jo*d*nogl*23@ho*m**
john omallet (koun**y*oy85@gm**
dave papic (dp*p*c4@Y*
chris pelkey (*ogu*p*lk*y@y*
jesse perez (p***zj****150@gm**
austin pointer (*u***npo*n***11@ho*m**
Janae Powell (jcpow*ll43@y*
bobby ranshaw (*o**y**n*h*w70@gm**
Scott Rastall (**188v*@gm**
Scott Ray (*co****y1320@y*
Kade Rogers (*og***k*d*@y*
Rex Rudder (**x*udd**@gm**
Aaron Russell (*d**nd**65@gm**
Jason Sammons (j**on**n**@y*
Zachary Schubert (*chu****z@**ud*n**.w*****n*c.*du)
Nathan Sense (n**h*nl**n**@gm**
joshua Sisk (jo*h***k1994@gm**
james smith (du**y*oy2521@gm**
sammy smith (**mmyw*ymon*m**h@gm**
joe snares (*n****50@ho*m**
brandon snow (*n_*n_4*v**2002@y*
Jacob Story (j**o*y1990@gm**
Chris Taylor (*ngco1614@y*
Derrek todd (*ufou*doo**@gm**
Eric Vaughn (*kv*ughn78@gm**
Joseph vedder (f****oy94@gm**
Roberta Walk-Anderson (*ju*nono*@*
Joshua Weeks (jw**zy53@y*
hchris white (ch***_wh***1980@ho*m**
Bracey Wilson (mudduck*06@*
Clancy WisemAn (cl*ncyw***m*n@*u***n.**.com)
john wolf (**m*n*h*wolf2015@gm**
Charles Woodward (*f*h55@*
zac wright (w**gh*z*c88@gm**
Richard Wyman (*jwym80@gm**
vang yang (v*ng.y*ng.23@gm**
brett youngken (*youngk*n@gm**


  1. Ernest Lara Jr

    Would love to test your products.thank you so much much for your time.wondering if you guys have some decals to send me,would love to sport one on my kayak.thanks again.your pal Ernest Lara Jr po box 632 Lytle Texas 78052.

  2. Tim Bibee

    Hey, I was chosen once to test your product. You sent me some junebug vile craws, I ran out of them before I could finish experimenting with them. I still want to try a vile craw rigged backwards. During a rain in the middle of the day eith big fat plopping drop i cranked the vile craw across the top, i mean really cranking and the bass were scaring the life outta me with how hard they would hit that thing. I would love to try the plasma tails, the exo stix you sent me didnt catch anything, not one single strike.. Thanks for selecting me, I hope I can be eligible again. I haven’t found a retailer with your product. Thanks again

  3. Stephen lindsey

    I would love to be able to test some of your baits in some of south east lakes and rivers

  4. david carlisle

    I have bought every single bait and color you have. I have not been out yet, baits are awesome. have tried them in a swimming pool and the action on the vilecraw are fantastic. waiting on Fall to get here and hoping for a trip this next month. KEEP the colors coming!

  5. Cheng Vang

    Man I have been hoping to get picked since you guys have came out. Wish to be on it next time, thanks.

  6. Thomas Labrecque

    I would love to test the baits for you and put any stickers you have on my new boat

  7. Jerry

    I have ordered some of the vial craw and the 4.5 ” plasma tail and they are great. Would love to have the opportunity to try the 6.5″ plasma tail. Thanks

  8. Charles Hill

    I don’t get to fish much with two jobs, but when I do I get irritated if I can’t get bass to hit at all because of unattractive baits or techniques. Could you send me not your hottest baits but the ugliest ones that look like mistakes. I recall catching the most bass on a plastic lure that was so tattered and barely able to stay on hook, then I put on fresh lure of same type and the bass wouldn’t touch it and returned to my former mess of a lure and caught three more bass. Sorry to be so wordy, but defective plastics work. Please send me some old rejects please. Thanks

  9. Guy Perone

    Would like to try some of the plasma tails in both sizes if possible…Will you be letting people demo these? If so, could you pick me to try these?

    Thank you in advance,

    Guy Perone

  10. Travis Benter

    Still waiting for you to pick me! Someday I will be picked! Keep up the good work.

  11. Mark Sharp

    I personally have tried some of these baits, the plasma tail and vile craw. I’m from the southeast and they are wonderful on the lakes and rivers down here. In the last 6 months I have ordered numerous packs and used every one. Going to have to order some more vile craw. Just wish they would make a vile craw with chartreuse claws in black n blue or green pumpkin.

  12. Sherman Crittenden

    I am still awaiting my opportunity to test your baits here in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. On my favorite lakes. Maybe I will be picked in October since I have missed out once again in September.

  13. Brian Long

    Well I received my new baits so I’ll try them out in 2 weeks at the best lake in the country according to Bassmasters (Toledo Bend) can’t wait. Tight lines

  14. Tony Soares

    looking forward to being picked one of these times for a tester cant wait to throw what you send me in these great Tennessee waters

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