Shaky Head Tips For BioSpawn Lures

For the last 10 years, the shaky head has been one of the most dominant tactics in finesse fishing. Not only do they do an excellent job of getting bit when the bite is off, but they also come through cover well, keep fish hooked up, and create a different look than the fish are accustomed to seeing.

Despite their popularity, anglers seldom do much experimenting with their shaky head presentation beyond the traditional straight-tailed worm – which is a shame because all three of the BioSpawn models excel when rigged on a shake jighead.

Here’s how and where to use each:


On a shaky head, the VileCraw is an absolute dynamite crawfish imitation. Having the weight on the bottom forces the claws and paddle-tail antennae into a realistic defensive posture. Hop and drag it around rocky points, rip rap, or anywhere else crawfish tend to hang out and hold on!

Because it’s got more bulk than a traditional straight-tailed worm, to get the same fall speed you’re accustomed to, rig the VileCraw on a heavier (1/4 or 3/8 ounce) shaky head.


In clear water, when the bite gets tough, or when the fish have seen a steady dose of finesse worms, try the PlasmaTail on a shaky head. Its small profile and wild action generate strikes from even the tightest lipped bass.

The PlasmaTail performs best on a light (1/16 or 1/8 ounce) shakey head tied to light line (6-8lb fluorocarbon). Try fishing it around bluff walls, deep docks, brush piles, and steeply breaking points.


Put away your o-rings and wacky hooks and try the ExoStick on a shaky head. Unlike other stick worms or finesse worms, the ExoStick’s ridges give it a completely different look that triggers strikes from bass that have seen a steady dose of stick worms. It’s also much more durable than other stick baits – so you can expect to get more fish per bait and spend less time rigging.

Ideal shakey head weights for the ExoStick are 3/16 to ¼ ounce, depending on the depth of cover. It can be fished effectively anywhere bass swim.


  1. david carlisle

    love my plasmatails and exo’s! question I have, what size shakey head hook works best with the biospawn, thin wire correct?

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