3 Tips To Catch More Bass On Points

If you’ve read any article ever written about bass fishing, you’ve probably seen some iteration of the following sentence: “Bass relate to points, so they are a great location to try presentation x.”

By definition, points occur any time the land sticks out into the water, and it’s true, bass do love points. Unfortunately though, despite the reams of articles written about what techniques work on points, there has been much less written about the nuts and bolts of how you should actually fish them.



Here are a couple tips:

1. Graph it first

On many reservoirs, there can easily be hundreds (if not thousands) of points to choose from, so many that choosing one to fish can be half the battle. To quickly search for a good point, try idling over several while scanning your electronics for indicators of bass presence; things like baitfish, a steep drop, brush, or even the telltale “arches” that are likely bass. Don’t bother fishing until you locate a point with at least one of these features.

2. Start out deep

On pressured lakes, bass will often suspend off points and quickly spook when a boat approaches too close – to counter this, start out fishing points from far off, targeting the deeper parts of the break first. If you strike out deep, then move up onto the point and probe the shallower parts.

3. Change your angle

In river systems and reservoirs that generate current, it’s important to hit points from different casting angles. The current, wind, or sun can position the fish in such a way that they will only respond to baits coming in one direction. If you’ve found a likely looking point but can’t get any bites – try fishing it from a completely different angle before giving up.


  1. Russ Moon

    3. Change your angle – I had neglected this in past. Now I work high percentage spots from as many angles as possible. Amazing how you can fish what seems to be a “dead” point or piece of structure that suddenly comes alive when you find the right angle for the presentation. Once you get that first fish, you find out the point or structure isn’t dead at all and normally there are more where that fish came from.

  2. david carlisle

    On fishing points on rivers, what baits should one start out using? Just turned early fall here in central texas, water temp. still in high 70’s,(water temp.).

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