One Cool Stickbait Rigging Trick

In this video, Gene Jensen (AKA “Flukemaster”) shows you one cool modification you can make to your ExoStick to give it an entirely different presentation:

YouTube Preview Image



  1. James Kamieniecki

    Nice video. I know where to get stickbaits, but it would have been nice to know where to get the “hitchhiker” and other parts used.

  2. Jenn

    I watched this video on YouTube when it was released. I recently used this trick and caught a bass the 3rd cast 🙂 Works great! Love the fluke master! He’s awesome!

  3. David Pettinger

    Very interesting. I like the fact that even a slow presentation would spin the blade. I think this will be a killer presentation here in the Midwest for a variety of species.

  4. Samuel Wade

    Where do you find the screw in clips with the goat hook on the end that you clip the swivel and blade to.

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