Two Texas-Rig “Tricks” Used By The Pros

There have probably been more bass caught on a Texas-rigged plastic than any other presentation, and it’s for good reason – Texas-rigging allows anglers to effectively fish any cover, at any depth, under any conditions.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? Well, that’s a tall order for most bass fishermen – we tend to be tinkerers, and because of that have come up with a bunch of ways to tweak the venerable Texas-rig, and they all catch bass.

Things like tex-posing and pegging a sinker with a bobber stop have become norms, but there are still a few tweaks out there that can offer up a little variety to your Texas rig – here are two you may not have heard of.

Punch Skirt

VileCraw - Punch Skirt
Originally designed by anglers for punching through heavy vegetation, the punch skirt creates the look and profile of a jig while maintaining the snagless nature and rapid fall of a normal Texas-rig.

Essentially, you just slide a jig skirt over a hub of plastic, metal, or lead and place it between the weight and bait – instant bait makeover.

Reverse Texas-rig

VileCraw - RTR
Who says there’s a right way to rig a bait? For years, a small group of anglers has been experiencing major success flipping the Texas rig 180 degrees. By reverse-rigging a bait, it creates a different profile, action, and a more pronounced glide on the fall.